Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 5-Legs and arms!

Today was day five on my P90X journey it was legs and arms. I had difficulty with the arms because a lot of it revolved around the pull up bar which we have but I don't feel comfortable using when I am home by myself. so I would just use the dumbbells to do the same action as the video and it still worked me out pretty good and I definitely am sore in my arms and legs! Yesterday was supposed to be our week4 day2 of c25k but we skipped because we would of have gone running around 11 that was ok with me but Steve of course didn't want to which was a bummer but we made up for it tonight. It was a little bit harder then normal because we worked out legs today but I still feel accomplished being able to run two 5min intervals without stopping. Only two months until our 5k as long as we stay on schedule. Tomorrow is Kenpo in P90X then Sunday is rest day can't wait. I have been having a hard time sticking with the diet. Not meaning I have been eating junk but eating enough of the blocks I always seem to short myself protein or veggies. I actually feel good today because at work there was so much junk food that Justin brought it and I didn't eat anything even though it seemed like it was calling my name. There was so much junk doughnut holes, starbursts, soda's, cookies and cupcakes and I said no I was proud of myself!! Date night tomorrow with my husband can't wait!

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